"Figgy's" Base Picture

I looked at this picture and said "Fighting Monk?"

One of my firsts for this project. Was done very quickly, and I dug the shirt.

Nabbed this pic from an old student. Really liked the glasses, so it was a win

This was my first super hero. Kept the glasses, added a cape, and drew an "M" on the shirt

Base picture for Jessy. Face was clearly defined, but I knew that hair would be trouble

Turned out much better than I thought it would. I took Jessy and gave her mask, then added a cape and "J" for good measure. Hair lines are a bit confusing.

After coloring, I feel everything is where it should be, but now it has the "photoshopped" effect. Ugh...I can never win. You guys notice how bad I am at coloring yet?

Angel's base pic. I can tell he really took this seriously in the sense that he decided to have fun with it. I love it

This was the original line art I posted. Has some things that work in B&W, but that I knew I'd change the second I started coloring. Hope Angel likes it

Finished the colors. I dropped the line art flames from his hands, added fire effects, and two light sources (the hands). Does it show that I'm working harder on coloring?