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Funny thing about things. I’m quite upset with my art as of late, and my writing hasn’t exactly been up to snuff. I can’t get my head around these past few days, and it’s been a hell of a time. My only recluse these days has been playing video games, which I’m scared is rotting my mind. It’s quite the serious accusation, as I love gaming, and thought it loved me back (insert domestic abuse joke here).

Anyway, it’s fair to say that I’m just being lazy, and that it’s my fault for not knuckling down and finishing. In part, you’d be absolutely right, but I’d appreciate a little consideration, as I’m always trying to write, whether I want to or not. I’m like that guy who never turns off. I’m always doing something to make people laugh, or bring out a sense of irony in everyday situations, or even add a dark twist to a common story. A perfect example would be how I could change the ending of the little mermaid just a little, and then Ursela kills Ariel, the King, and her little fish too. At the very end, you see her eating the crab while the Erik poses for a family portrait and his dog takes a shit their mergraves. Ok….I can see I went too far, but I do that all the time. My current book has two torture scenes, and at least 13 murders. It features corrupted visions of youth, and a lead character who, despite his sense of humor and overwhelming desire to do good in the world, has been assigned the task of taking down his ex-girlfriend. She’s not only the only woman he ever trusted, but also the physical representation of not only his failure to better the world, but implicit evidence that he’s made it worse.

Enough about MEEGF. I feel this blog is trailing off. I’ll post again when I’ve gathered my thoughts.

Mikie Writes Rants

Don’t know what to do

Short Post. I’m at an important part in my writing. The one where I make decisions that impact the rest of the story from here out. Now, as some of you may know, I’m writing a graphic novel, titled My Evil Ex-Girlfriend and I’m pretty far into it. I’ve been fighting with myself for a while now, without telling anyone, about certain details that I really need to decide. I’m not really posting here for the many opinions that may follow, but more venting in order to hopefully come to a decision while writing. I’m talking stuff along the lines of “Do I kill the protagonist?” “Does he kill the gf?” “If she lives, does he think he can save her?” and many other things. I’m totally stuck. I may write it both ways, just to see what happens. Anyway, I’ll look into it and think much more. What’s more, I’ll also think about posting an excerpt or two from MEEGF. Let me know what you guys think about that.

Mikie Writes Rants

Catching Up With Me

Ok, deep breath. You can do this, Mikie…SHOWTIME!

Alright, folks, this is my first blog on lj. A long-time myspace blogger, I’ve finally abandoned all hope of returning to that medium for blogging purposes. To be fair, it’s not that I’ve stopped blogging, or even wanting to, I just stopped wanting to log in to myspace. Whatever, it happens, right?

So we should recap, right? My last two blogs were from March 2009 and, before that, August 2008. They were merely rants and told you nothing of my recent life. Obviously, a lot has changed for me. When last we spoke, I was writing a movie. Now, I’m writing a comic book. I’d say graphic novel, but…nah. I’m pretty happy with how it’s coming out so far. It’s titled “My Evil Ex Girlfriend” (MEEGF for short) and is probably the darkest, most twisted shit I’ve ever written, but also some of the funniest. I hope everyone likes it. Moving on in the recap train, I started dating a girl summer ’08 and broke up with her fall ’09. Lots of stories there, but they’re all old news now. The things you should take away from that are that it was important, set a new record for me, and I’m slightly different because of it.

Moving further along, I discovered twitter, and it’s possibly the biggest obstacle to blogging. I essentually was a cathartic writer. I’d spend all my time typing away at a computer desk, ranting about my troubles or writing a new chapter to some awesome story, until I didn’t care about my problems anymore. Twitter ruined that by giving me little 140-character bursts of relief. That being said, I’m still on Twitter, but am making moves to try to have a more active blogging lifestyle again. I have way too much going on and definitely need something to write down.

Most of you know this, but Circuit City closed. Ran completely out of business. This means I could no longer work there. and no longer had employment. I had essentially had a little money saved, and didn’t need to immediately go on unemployment. I made ends meet initially by doing something I completely despised and may never forgive myself for. I wrote college papers for money. Some of you may laugh and think it’s not that serious, and I’ll make plenty of jokes about it, but that was the furthest thing from what I wanted to do. It was just where the money was in a market that wasn’t hiring.

I’ll beat myself up over that later, but moving on, I eventually started an internship at Bonton, for what I thought was management training. It essentially was, but at the end, they basically tried to hire me as a part-tine lackey. Not for me. After the 10 weeks of the internship, it was late into summer and I received a call from Shane, my old supervisor at Circuit. Apparently there was a job opening. Full-time and on commission? Sign my ass up!

So now, I work at Micro Center, I write and draw comics, I still read as much as ever (more, now that I rediscovered my love-affair with comics), and I’m rejoining the blogging world. Is that about it? I’d say so, except…there’s ts girl…but I’ll save that for later.

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