Traveling (Day 9 of the 30 day challenge.)

I have experience all forms of travel. I have been in warming climates and colder climates. I can’t say I prefer anywhere more than home. Living in Chicago has it’s perks such as experiencing several different weather climates in a week and so much more to see. I did have my share of traveling.

I flew to California once for a few days. It was originally for a friends graduation, but we ended up seeing a movie and checking out Sea World. The plane was probably the coolest thing I have experience. My friend, that I was traveling with, thought I was going to fear the incline that plane experiences when taking off in the run way, but my curiosity took the best of me and I wanted to watch the ground grow distant from the plane.

I went on a bus to Tennessee. I didn’t enjoy that as much. I hated being stuck in the up right position the whole time. The greatest thing out of the trip was discovering the southern McChicken. Only one stop and a bus full of strange folks.

I have driven to New York, which is probably my second favorite trip. I was helping my cousin out, driving while she was able to take care of her children. I got to drive the majority of the way. I got to see weather patterns and got through a few states while at it.

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