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Halloween -Day 1 of the 30 day challenge.

It’s the first day of October and this is the month of horror.  Well, it seems to be a catholicon. This holiday spawned movies and even rituals that we don’t really follow all the way through. Of course, a holiday that was from the sixteenth century would be lightly modified, but I think it would be more interesting if we kept the same old Halloween ritual.

Let’s take Jack-o’-lanterns for example, they were originally were cravings made for the remembrance of the souls lost in purgatory. It would give a good reason to crave pumpkins and more of a reason to put them out and not stress too much of the mess they make a month later if we felt it was more for someone else and not ourselves.

How about Trick or Treating. It now seems like an empty threat. It sort of had us begging for treats or we making threats of tricks. I take my kids trick or treating and never even thought of taking advantage of an unanswered door. As Positive, I try to stay, my kids aren’t so kind, so I could image the damage they could cause. I enjoy getting free things, especially food. I can still recall moments in my life of walking to my day job, dressed as an employee for my employer and still able to ring door bells and get away with a couple of goodies.

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