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Help the Homeless?

What is up with homeless people? I don’t mean to talk crap about the less fortunate but sometimes they can be serious douchebags. I do have a good heart. I also have the best intentions when dealing with serious interactions from such. I know it can be hard to live in this world when national debt is $16 trillion and even harder when you don’t have a job or enough income to supply the debt.

I have come across this homeless dude who stopped me at the worse time possible. I was on the way to meet a girl at the local train stop close to home. I didn’t have any money since I wasn’t planning to be away from home for long.  He was an elderly African American and used a cane to get around. He kindly asks for a dollar. I replied, “I am sorry, sir, I don’t have anything on me at the moment”. I don’t know what has gotten into him, but he quickly responded with, “I bet if I was white, you would have a dollar”. I lost it. I turned it back around as the smartass me would’ve. “I bet if I was black, you probably wouldn’t have asked”. He looked at me with such a sour face and carried on. I also came across a guy, stating he was homeless while he had his daughter with him. He asked for seventy-five cents, so he could get on the next train to his moms. I, being a dad, knew how hard that could be, quickly offered him the seventy-five cents. Not even steps away, I hear him ask the next traveler for the same amount of change. I guess I grew into this distrust with the homeless. I once witness a homeless answer his cell phone in the mitts of catching change from a friendly fellow. I also over heard a homeless blaming the lack of change was due to school starting again. As if it was a problem to them.

I did have my share of helping the homeless as well. My neighborhood Dunkin’ Donuts had a guy that goes by the name of Smiley. He asked for change and I was having a good day but no cash, offered him lunch instead and as a homeless person should act on a free meal, he took it. I let him order whatever he wanted from McDonald’s as it was better than Dunkin Donuts. Smiley got a value meal and sat at a table and enjoyed it. He didn’t continue to ask for change, he didn’t over order. He order enough to suffice at the moment.  He was happy.

I know that they had a hard life and don’t get me wrong, I respect that they are trying oppose being dumped on. But learn to love life and respect both those who can afford you and those who can’t, because you will never know if their roles will switch. Not everyone has a bad heart or should be effected by someone’s bad day.

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