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Kevin Smith: Day 3 of the 30 day challenge.

I just listened to a Kevin Smith podcast and felt like talking about him. For you, who think I am talking about the football player, you are wrong. I am talking about the actor/director/Show host/ comic book writer/author/ podcaster Kevin Smith. Yea, that guy.

A friend introduced me to Kevin’s work. He bought Kevin’s third movie, Chasing Amy and had it playing when I stopped by to hang out. I wasn’t familiar with any of Kev’s work prior to this but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was an easy to make film that reminded me of horror shorts that we made when we were younger. He informed me about other films that were apart of the New Jersey line that all had all the same characters. I eventually saw Mallrats and Clerks and became a follower.

I’ve seen his last few films after that in theatres, starting with Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, then Clerks 2, which closed off the New Jersey fictional group. Kevin went on to make Jersey Girl, Cop Out for a studio, and made his own release, Red State, which took an artistic turn from his familiar genre, which I felt he nailed it.

Smith is currently running around with New Jersey Chronicle stars recording podcasts and doing TV. He owns a network called SModCo. There nests over 10 different podcasts and has a YouTube channel called SModCo Internet Television or S.I.T. I am familiar with both of these and a huge fan. Some of the Stars have there own television show called comic book man, that airs right after a comic-based television show, The Walking Dead. It’s about time we can watch a show based on the Zombie Apocalypse on a weekly basis. And now we have an actually comic show after words. If you are into comics, I recommend this show. I have discovered that some old comics I randomly picked up at a secondhand shop for a few cents to a dollar was worth fifty bucks to them. I really didn’t believe it at first and couldn’t find anyone who sells them cheaper.

Part 2 next time!

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