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Case 2: Someone Else’s: Day 4 of the 30 day challenge!

Attraction. Power of attracting: the power of attracting or the feeling of being attracted “Our mutual attraction was immediate, and we enjoyed one another’s company.” Attraction is something that you also really can’t control. It’s the basic of growing an obsession and gaining feelings for another. Sometimes it’s over people you knew forever. Most times over people you barely knew.
The most common place to grow an attraction is the work place. Come on now, it’s like the next step from school. Personally, I had a rule about dated people in the work place, due to it affecting my performance. For years I followed, and then I had to break my own rule of conduct.
Here we go again.
I was helping in “building” this soon to become successful store. Then I begin to notice this girl. Oh yes, a girl. Surprise. I talked to her all the time. Every time I didn’t see her I would asked her coworkers about her, especially this main guy, who was always around. But I played the safety card and talk to him about her, and he said he wasn’t attracted.
She already told me that she was single. So what, right?
Well, it wasn’t too much longer until her and I were always together, from morning to night, from night to morning. I guess we were unbreakable. Yea. Unbreakable.
Well, she finally came up to me and told me that she needed to talk to me about something. I played the part of the concerned friend and heard her out.
She was having boy problems. I was like ‘dang, There goes my chance’.
She told her how her boyfriend abused her and cursed her out.
I was still stuck on “boyfriend”. Then I told her, we’ll talk about this later.
She came over to my place. We talked about it for a bit and were watching a movie. She explains that the “main guy” from work was her boyfriend and that he was getting mad jealous of me.
She didn’t want to let that out, due to work rules and regulations. But she also broke down and told me that she had feelings for me. So I gave her a kiss. For so many months after that we were kicks, while her love for her boyfriend was off and on.

Then finally, I went to this barbecue, where I ended up drunk, and let it get the best of me. It was really late. I don’t even remember what time it was. I texted her, that I’ve grown feelings for her. Then passed out. She called me the next morning, early, really early. To asked me to do her a big favor. Of course my dumb ass agreed. Well, the favor was that, she didn’t want to live with her mom anymore, so she was moving in with him and needed help and that her boyfriend refused to call anybody for her. I told her that I would. So a group of my hung-over friends and I helped. Seeing her at “the work place” flustered me, but what can I do. As the “beatings” got worse, my words of advice wouldn’t change her mind. She dropped from school and he decided to quit for an under paid job. We suddenly grew distant and never really talked after that, nothing more then the occasional hello. Then finally she told me that they did the final breakup.
I am happy for her. She told me that she had moved in with a friend and hopefully will finish her education.

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