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What About Me?

You might see me as your average man, but I would have to disagree. I have extraordinary powers. “What powers?” you might ask. I have the power to write this piece. I know some of you guys can do this too, but probably won’t. I have the power to tell stories from my impeccable memory. I am also an electronics genius. I may not be electronically suave as Iron Man, which brings me on to my next topic. I am an avid comic book reader. I may not have read every book in existence, but I have read a number of them. Just don’t ask me to pick between Marvel and D.C. You wouldn’t want Batman or Spider-man mad at you either. I choose to listen to podcasts over music. I believe one of the best forms of entertainment is another person’s story. It might not always be as great as living through it yourself but it is the next best thing.  I can solve a lot of problems. It’s easy. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.  If it is broken, fix it so it will never happen again.  It’s as simple as that. I may not be perfect, but my daughter is. She is a bit of me, plus more. She’s as charming as a princess. Her only flaw is that she is getting bigger and will eventually have a full life of her own. She’s only two now and has already taught me something; without warning, time will pass you by.


What about you?

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