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Super Powers!

On the talk of super powers, what super power do you want the most?

After seeing the two main summer blockbusters of 2012, I want the power of advertisement. It may sound dumb, but think about it. Batman and Ironman both prove that money is the best super power, as shown in their respective movies.  To be stars of the show, you don’t need to be cops, monsters, have steroids, skills, or even be a God. You need just enough money to make you invincible from all that stuff. Now, what does that have to do with advertisement? Everything. Crapping blockbuster hits drown you in so much advertisement on every televisions, buses, trains, and even airplanes which helps them succeed by making sure you know their flick by the time you show up to the theatres so, you can choose their flick over flick B. So, if everyone came to see my flick over flick B, I would receive that money. Also, If McDonalds serve approximately 58 million a day, making at least one buck per a sale, they would have 58 million dollars. According to Forbes Fictional 15 article, Tony Stark’s net worth is only 9.3 billion dollars and Bruce Wayne’s Net worth is only at 6.9 billion, I should be able to catch up to them in no time. Now to come up with a DIY super power…

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