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What Would You Do? – Day 6 of the 30 day challenge.

What would you do?

I just finished watching multiple videos on, based on this television series, called What Would You Do? It is based on several different scenarios done in public places to see what would the public do about it. A lot of stories ended up positive because of “Do good things and good things will happen to you”. Which is called Karma.

The first scenario I saw had a woman dressed in a business suit who falls on the street. This was based on an actual situation that happened at the hospital, where a lady collapses in a waiting room and hospital officials ignored her for 45 minutes, which ended up too late to save her. Well the businesswoman was helped in less than three seconds. They then try another actor, a homeless man. A lot of people passed him, but he ended up receiving help in three minutes. They gave him a beer can and the time went up to 45 minutes. It’s hard to believe that a few seconds to make a phone call seems to be an inconvenience for some. I recall having a similar incident where a man passed out on our doorstep and I tried calling 911. They asked if he was breathing, I responded with I’m not sure, he was laying against my door and I had no way getting out. They asked if he was dangerous, I said, I didn’t know. They said okay and took my information and hung up. I looked out 45 minutes later and he was still there, so I called off of work just in case if they had questioning. I noticed an hour later that the man was gone.

Some of the other scenarios in the show was a dad taking his son to a liquor store to purchase drinks for his house party, which we all know is wrong, but apparently a lot of people couldn’t step up to it to stop them. It took a police officer from another city and a mother to stop him. I would’ve step in if the child kept saying that he didn’t want to be involve. At that point, the parent was forcing bad influences on the boy and that bothered me, knowing that there are parents out there in this world.

A mother was at a store buying groceries and didn’t have enough money to pay. A lot of people stepped in to help. A lot of us have been there and that sucks. If I have it and you didn’t, I would give it. That’s a big thing to me. It’s Karma. I have this habit of donating that dollar to whatever cause at the local Walgreens or food restaurant. A lot of times, they give you a cool nifty thing to write your name on so they can place on the walls of donators. I normally write my daughters name or my last name due to a strong belief in Karma.

Father meeting his daughter’s new boyfriend of another race was the last scenario, I saw. Growing up in a completely different race community, it was hard finding the same race, so I dated out my race a lot. I felt more then acceptance in the relationships’ families. I can’t imagine not having a welcoming family to my dates. I even recall an elderly polish lady stopping an ex and I on a date. This ex was dark skin Mexican and telling us how cute we looked and how beautiful she was. I was blown away. I had a grandma who called out a misspelling on a black ladies’ nametag at a retail store. She thinks the reason was because that black people were uneducated.

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