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Scam artists: Day 5 of the 30 day challenge.

I have always been a fan of Social Engineering. That is the trait of making someone believe you are someone that you are not. I am not a professional at the trait but I have used it to my advantage in high school. I used to make copies of class change forms and stole class codes from my fellow classmates. I would constantly fill out the forms and would convince school officials to sign the form. Anyone could get it approved, from the principal to a counselor, with help from my friends and teachers, who wrote the recommendations that would get an approval. I would then take that form to the a little Asian guy hidden in a room in the back of the school, who inputs the information in the computer. Days later, I would pick up my new school I.D. card. I would always aim for someone different each time so I didn’t get recognize the follow times. I was aiming to have eight I.D. cards for each one of the lunch periods throughout the day. It was my senior year and I had a bunch of classes to make up and the best way was to do it on lunch. Needless to say, I graduated.

I admire Frank Abagnale. Frank was the idea behind the movie, Catch Me If You Can. Tom Hanks and Leonardo Dicarpio, who played Frank, starred the movie. Frank’s parents go through a tough divorce and Frank ran away from home. He begins making a living on pretending to be multiple experts, anything from being a pilot, doctor, and even a Lawyer. The feds follow him to France and ends up arresting him. They offer him a chance of redeeming his self if he worked for the government in identifying fraudulent checks and so on. I know my crime isn’t as major as his. My admiration doesn’t come from the crime he committed but the out come of doing something he liked. I think that’s the ultimate nirvana is doing something you loved.

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