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Now, loyal readers (At this point, I think that’s only Arturo) I have a treat. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, so I’m gonna post another short scene from my script. I’m now about 20 or so pages into it. Not incredibly far, but I’ve got some great scenes (at least I think so). I’ll try to post more often, but this is probably one of the last times you’ll see something directly from the script. Enjoy.

(ER waiting room.)
Doctor: Erica, Dennis?
Dennis: Yes, doctor?
Dr: We’ve run our initial tests, and he doesn’t seem to have sustained too many injuries. However we’ve found something we think you should know
Dennis: Found something?
Erica: Oh no, he’s not a woman is he? I swear to god, if I have to hear about one more chick with a dick-
Dennis: SHUT UP! what’s wrong with him doctor?
Dr: Well, dennis, I’m afraid that when we ran blood tests, we found that he has AIDs
Erica: Dude….
Dennis: He-what? I-
Dr: Now listen, he’s gonna need you to be strong for him. We’re going to tell him in a few minutes and we want you to be there.
Dennis: He’s so young…I…I can’t believe something like this could happen to (begins to sob)
Eddy: Haaaaaah! I told you that pussy would cry first!
Dr: Son of a-
Dennis: Wha-? I?
Eddy: Well that’s that doc, thanks for playin. Here’s a hunsky. Take it, you’ve earned it
Dr: I still can’t believe it
Eddy: Eh-eh-eh. Doc, my change?
Dr: Here’s your quarter
Eddy: Pleasure doin business with ya
(doctor leaves)
Erica: Dude, you have AIDS?
Eddy: Pffft!
Dennis: Huh?
Eddy: I just paid the doc to come out here and say that
Dennis: So you’re not gonna die?
Eddy: Fuck-tard, you listenin here? it was a lie
Dennis: Wait, you paid the doctor $99.75 to tell us you had AIDS?
Eddy: No, I paid the good doctor $100 to come out here and tell you I had AIDS and BET him 25cents your bitch-ass would cry first. What a pidgeon.
Erica: That’s hilarious! I fuckin love you.
Dennis: You have no soul
Eddy: Had to make room for the comedy somewhere
Dennis: Are you even hurt at all?
Eddy: Nope, I actually stole these crutches from a one-legged kid on the way over. Speakin of which, he’s finally hoppin over and he looks pissed. Let’s roll.
Dennis: You know you’re going to hell, right?
Eddy: Ya know, I only have to hear that three more times before gettin a free t-shirt

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