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Gay Movie

A scene from the script I’m writing for my untitled project. Dennis and Eddy briefly discuss the homosexual themes in a romantic movie. (Names not final)

(on the couch, in front of the tv)

Eddy: This is by far the gayest movie on the planet

Dennis: How the fuck is it gay? It’s a hetero couple!

Eddy: Who gives a fuck if it’s a dude and chick, the real crime is that they’re
sittin there talkin about ‘love’ and ‘forever’ and shit when they should be
talkin bout gettin down.

Dennis: Gettin down?

Eddy: Yeah, you know, makin with the sex

Dennis: I know what you mean. Don’t you think they’re gonna eventually fuck?

Eddy: Well yeah they’re gonna eventually fuck, but in this scene they’re only bein
all romantic and shit. That shit’s for pussies.

Dennis: Dude, do you even have half a brain?

Eddy: Hear me out, so fine, they make with the fuckin later, and that’s cool, but
you’re tellin me that these two bitches have to make me sit here and
watch their pansy-ass love story unfold while gettin no pay-off? That shit’s

Dennis: Dude, there’s a major pay-off here. They’re embarking on the greatest
journey ever. The journey of love.

Eddy: Case in fucking point. You watch this scene, and next thing I know
you’re sittin here vomiting this gay journey of love bullshit like it’s some
gay disease. Well I tell you one thing, my friend, I am NOT sticking
around to catch it.

Dennis: Point taken. But hey, you know how I know you’re gay?

Eddy: Don’t even get me started…


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