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Hey readers, been really busy with a lot of work, coupled with bigger deadlines, but I have been writing and if you think I’ve been holding out on you guys, you’re right. I’ll post some good stuff either later today or in the week, but for now, I’ll give an excerpt from MEEGF:


We open to a black panel with buzzing news clips:

“-eports of a flying woman who-”
“-a beeline through military bases-”
(Soldier) she just punched a hole through the tank! Just like that”
“-attacks started just two weeks ago-”
(cop) we kept shooting. She walked like the bullets like they were nothing!”

We finally see Victor again, sitting on a couch. He’s worse for wear, eyes glazed over, as the the tv blares more news of his lost “love”

“-so far unable to track her movement-”
(Farmer) she just took off! Straight into the sky and gone before iknew anything!”

“we’re coming to you live now with breaking news of this apparent ‘super woman’ who has been terrorizing the nation for the better part of the month.”
“We’re here at —– air force base, where the super woman has just attacked. Our sources tell us that it was here that a young soldier with a camera was murdered, but not before capturing amateur footage of his attacker. We warn you, this is disturbing”

We then see badly shot video of Delilah attacking the base through Soldier’s POV. She then sees the Soldier holding the camera and flies toward him. He starts to run.

“Oh God! She’s coming!”
“Where are you going! I’m ready for my close-up! ”

She flies and carries him up into the air.
“P-p-put me down! Who are you!?”
“hello world! My name’s Delilah, but all who stand against me can call me death! Good luck, soldier”
“With what?”
“Your landing, silly!”

She then lets him go and you see her fade into the distance he falls away and the camera cuts off.

“My God…there you have it. This super woman calls herself Delilah.”

Pan back to Victor, still glazed over.

“May God have mercy on us all”

There’s a knock at the door…

Well that’s it for now guys! Let me know what you all think and once again, thanks for reading.

~Your Friendly Neighborhood Mikie

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