Mikie Writes Scott Deathridge

Scott Deathridge

Some of you may remember part of this from a previous post, but a writer’s work is never finished, so here is the rest of that post, followed soon by part 2. Part three is being written, and will, hopefully, be ready to be posted in the next couple of days. Thanks for reading, readers!

“Open your eyes.”

The sound comes out of nothingness in a brilliant burst and is instantly gone again.

“Open your eyes!”

There it was again. Louder now, almost violent, but it doesn’t hurt so much as it tears away at the black fabrics of the void around you while the universe constantly trembles. There are other sounds, too. Are those sirens?

“Scott, open your damn eyes!”

There! Your eyes fly open and you sit up with a gasp to see the vibrantly beautiful woman standing above you. She looks scared and a little worse for wear, but seeing you awake brings a sigh of relief. Providing an orange aura-like light behind her, you see the roaring flames threatening to tear apart your ship.

Your ship!

You remember now and spring into action. You’re aboard the Flippletwik, an intergalactic cruiser, and you’re its captain, but who knows for how long. That trembling you were feeling wasn’t just trembling, but violent turbulence that reminds you how you were knocked out: you’re crashing.

“Not on my watch!” You shout, only now realizing how cheesy it sounded and that you just yelled in defiance of yourself. Who are you? You’re Scott Deathridge, and your story will not end here.

You spring to action, defiantly tossing aside all hesitant thoughts as you race to the control panel in the center of the main deck.

“Computer! Status report!” You shout as you approach the enormous panel.

“Condition red, Captain,” replies your ship. It has a mechanic, although almost feminine sounding voice. ”Approaching unstable atmosphere at terminal velocity. Shields at 40% and dropping. Captain, at this speed, survival rate is estimated at point-zero-eight percent. Suggest immediate corrective action.”

“Suggestion Confirmed” You say as you access the holographic control panel, allowing several screens to hover in front of you. “Engage forward thrusters, power at 70%. Bring us about and begin maintenance.”

“Unable to comply, Captain”

“This isn’t the time for jokes, computer! Engage forward thrusters!”

“Cannot compute. Captain, humor functionality is unavailable on this systems AI”

“Dammit, just tell me what the problem is!”

“Confirmed. Security override engaged. Forward thrusters disabled. Access is prohibited to this AI”

“Computer, you run this ship! How did you lose access to the thrusters?”

“Onboard security detected remote access to this AI functionality from the cargo bay” explains your computer as a video plays on one of the screens. You immediately recognize the man in the video.

“Fuller!” You exclaim, realizing now that your ship has been sabotaged, your cargo has been compromised, and your ego is badly bruised.

“This unauthorized user has since left the ship. Manual Override is needed to correct our course.”

“Tell me something I don’t know,” you sarcastically reply to the computer.

“You have 93 seconds to impact, Captain”

“Well, that’s just great”


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