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Is Your Princess in Another Castle? I Say Let Her Go.


If you have to go through eight worlds like Mario had to just to find out that the princess wasn’t there, wouldn’t you just give up after the third? I realize in a lot of movies, the love interest always messes things up. In a world like today, you think she would be the only one out there for you, but with seven billion people in the world, do you really think she is the only one for you? If anything, you can probably find someone exactly like her. Someone that is even a lot better. She could be a model with your girlfriend’s interest? Or an Asian version of your one and only? There is no reason why you should stick with stupid, especially if she keeps getting into trouble. There is one exception you should stick with stupid. Zombie Apocalypse. Chances of finding a living vagina to repopulate the earth at the point might be a bit hard. Then, yes, save her.  Love isn’t really that hard to find. You can even buy love. Might not be the same love you are hoping to get but its love. Why would you care who spends the rest of your life with you if you can just adjust to that person’s well being? I say stop being a clingy hero and find someone who can cook and keep themselves inside.

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