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Rule #32: Enjoy the little things.

Today, I realize how proud I am to live in this belletristic city. Sometimes it’s not always the cool things to see around the city so much it is the people.  For example, here is some of the things, I encountered today on my way to work.

I’ve come across a man asking for change. He was sitting on a fire hydrant, sitting next to a gas can. Assumable, he needed gas. I had to deny him, for my lack of carrying cash. I continue on my daily routine and ran into the gas station and retrieve a giant one-buck ice tea. Upon my return, the man was already at a gas pump, filling his can, while talking to a man in a high-end car. I guess it was an Escalade, but I don’t know jack about cars. Continuing my journey to work. Across the street, I race downstairs to the subway station. Paid my fares and found a seat on a bench next to a young lady. I really didn’t know anything about this young lady. In moments, she’d receive a phone call. During the call, she mentions that her warranty doesn’t cover what was wrong with her car. She said she wanted to go back to her old one. She also mention that she would stop paying her loan, which I, being familiar with loan processes, knew that would just add on to the problems she already had. She kept making references to dad and comments, such as “I know, mother” which would conclude that she was talking to her mom. She finally hangs up with her mom and the train pulls up.


Upon entering the train, the first thing that catches your attention is the homeless man, laid out on a few seats, forcing people to stand. Including myself. He was clutched on a duffle bag and looked horrific. Over grown beard, wore out clothes, and a stench that kept everyone on the other side of the car. I ended up snagging a seat next to an elderly gentleman. Then our on board entertainment begin. A six-foot black man begins to sing out loud to whatever he was listening to. I believe I would’ve gotten along with him otherwise, because of the Star Wars T-shirt he was sporting and a zombie tattoo on his leg. His singing caused me to put on my headphones. Since, I drumming on my leg to the song on my headphones, I totally missed the elderly begging me to move so he could get off. I finally notice his angry stare and quickly moved out into the aisle without taking off my headphones to avoid listening to his profanity.


Finally, it comes to my stop. I couldn’t be happier. After, step dancing with the singing Star Wars fan, I raced up the stairs to catch my bus. I was the only one at the stop, with a colorful line of Taxicabs. Minutes have passed and there’s now a group of us looking upon the colorful cabs. Bus finally arrives and chases the cabs around the corner, almost like a lion chases antelope. Being first at the stop, some how made me last on the bus, but I didn’t care, since I would be in a matter of stops. The bus apparently comes across a mental training facility, because there are always a bunch of mentally challenge folks. Literally. Since, I have been making the same commute for the past eight years, I have seen several of these faces before. Some say hi, but most of them stay silent. I think it’s mainly because they are shy. Which they shouldn’t be, because being different is something everyone has in common with everyone. I am pretty sure, they are much smarter than the majority of the humans, I do know anyways. I, eventually, get to my job and begin my workday.

Who can disagree with on road entertainment like this? I know I enjoy it, more than my whole workday combine, with the exception of payday.

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