Matt's Rants


As I channel surf and see the scores of teenage mothers and decades old movies, I am continuing to gravitate toward the real stuff, such as Bait Car. I can’t continue with the bathetic act that the reality television stars put on, oppose to cops baiting people into their trick cars. I am happy that we aren’t starting every show with a compere with that famous “Attention ladies and gentlemen” Speech, but I can honestly say that I am disappointed on where today’s world is going to. Nine hundred plus channels and apparently eight hundred of them are Kardashian related because people are looking to be involved in these people’s lives and see the crazy antics this family gets into. The world today is surfeit with people like them. Instead of being your own gallant creator, they always have to follow another.  I guess everyone likes to watch and some how relate to popular people’s drama. I say live your life under your own limelight and leave them alone. I know this might seem nugatory, but I had to get it off my chest. I have nothing against Kim. I did enjoy that movie she did with Ray J. I just think if you choose to watch something, let it be something you can learn from.  Hell, I watched an episode of Sid the Scientist with my kid and she, being two, knew shit that I remember learning in second grade that I had completely forgot. They made everything into songs like what School House Rock did when I was a child and I guarantee that she will never forget, which will definitely get her passed the Kardashians of the world. This just goes to show that our world is ending up in idiocracy.

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