Mikie Writes Poetry


Lost and confused

Dazed and abused

I look around to see the colors

And I’m blind to them

Things I saw before

Aren;’t there anymore

What has happened?

What has changed?

A sea of grey

Is all I see today

There are no colors anymore

When Everything’s the same

Nothings Fun, Everything’s Dull

It makes me want to put a bullet through my skull

You laugh because I’m different

You laugh and think that I’m laughing with you

But my reasoning Sufficient

And I pity You

I laugh cause you’re all the same

And I if I didn’t i’d go insane.

What’s wrong with you’re life?

When My triumph become your stryfe?

What’s wrong with me

When you plight is all i see

Everything’s the same

The colors are all gone

This has all become routine

And my life is but a yawn

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