Mikie Writes Poetry


Everyday, I’m told something about the world

The way it’s supposed to be

The way we ought to see

How things go

To make sure we don’t slow

Down the process

And make sure we don’t obsess

About how we want things

About all our feelings

Why can’t we get it our way?

Why is it that we all gotta sway?

Sway like leaves in the wind

When society says we cannot win.

Winning is one of the easiest things

Things the world doesn’t teach

Teachers help us to lose

Lose like we like it

It just hurts to be a winner.

Cause “winning isn’t everything”

Which is exactly what you’re told

When things start to go your way

Just so you can be “ok”

When that day finally comes.

How dare they?


Just a little ranting and ravings from medon’t know where i was going with that, but meh. I have been meaning to put more of these things on here anyways.

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