Mikie Writes Poetry

sudden inspiration….gotta write

I hear your voice
I hang on every mishapen word
As it falls from lips
They drip like acid
Burning deep into my soul
Like a ray of light piercing the darkness
One would say you are my light
Oh wouldn’t the be to my delight?
When surrounded by silence
I hear your voice in the distance
I close my eyes
An image of you there lies.
My constant through nothing
Through Everything
I am plagued by you
And I know it
My eyes fade to gray and lips turn blue
‘Cause I’m scared so much by the thought of it.
But I still have to ask
If even to bask
In the glory of absolution
The answer to my resolution
Are you real?
Am I meant to see you?
or are you just meant to be inside of me?
Something lying to torment me
No, you can’t be
you can’t be

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