Mikie Writes Poetry

I Yawn

I yawn

Yawn when the world looks like nothing at the dawn

Dawn of our future? Start of a new day?

Better call for a Suture, Your throats been slit today

What the fuck is all this for?

Walkin around like it’s still a bore

Little kid cryin on the street corner

Lookin for his mommy

I yawn.

Teenagers on the street corners

Wanna sell you a new hobby

Just like they did to little bobby

Poor kid never stood a chance

Wanted to mess with a little substance

When he was found full of harm

Needle still buried in his arm

I yawn

Little Debbie came to see me the other day

Told me one night she went to hit the hay

She heard a noise and awoke

Found her door had been broke

In the shadows there he stood

And he was up to no good

I yawn

An Arab walks down the street

Gets yelled at for “wearin a sheet”

He thought he could silently take the heat

Til it turned out he got his ass beat

7 pairs of shoes all stompin on his face

A memory he’ll never erase

I yawn

Racism flooding the gate

Everything fueled completely by hate

Everyone’s waiting to see if you take the bait

See how quick you become irate

I yawn

Apathy rules my life

Cause I’m in need of  no strife

No More Trouble for me

So hooray for apathy

I yawn

It’s simple thing to do

So easy to learn

Only care about you

and you’ll never get burned

When Practiced Dawn to Dawn

It’s so easy you see

I yawn

Now don’t you wanna be just like me?

People Dying overseas

Murder, Lies, and Controversies

Rape, Terrorism, Genocide

All the shit the world lets ride

I yawn

Now don’t you wanna be just like me?

War overseas

War on the streets

War against drugs

War against ideas

War against you and me

I yawn

Now don’t you wanna be just like me?

Spent my life blind

World came up from behind

Tried to ignore the problem

Thought someone else would solve them

So I yawned

World didn’t fix itself

Not even when little kid on the corner grew up

Little kid was just lookin for his mommy

When I yawned

It never even dawned

One day I’d be lookin back

Find everything he lacked

No morals and care for me

Lookin down at him

as he shot me

Now don’t you wanna be just like me?

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