Mikie Writes Poetry

Turo’s Tale

I wrote this for the hurricane a while back. Another classic that flows nicely while making no sense at all unless you know either of us and our antics.


Arturo, Arturo
Como estan, El Burro
No wait you’re no ass
Well maybe if you add the hole
But we all need some more of your sass
So come slutty whore,
You’ve ended my bore
With a superhero’s wit
(while making a stop at Jackie’s)
You got a pinch of her t-“Hey look here you twit”
You beat up my lackeys!”
The bad man interrupted
“Oh, boy that’s it” you yelled
For You had errupted
They asked you what smelled
“Something really does reek”
“I tell you, it’s me”
“Tis of awesome we reek”
I shouted with glee.

(makes little sense and is crowded with rhyme
But figured some Suess would get you this time.
Tis not a poem you see
But A super-tale from me)


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