Mikie Writes Poetry

I’m Beginning to Hate This Crap

one of my older favorites. It was written to express some aingst about myspace screwing up when I was trying to post a bulletin that took me an hour to type. C’est la vei right? The “her” still exists…


So I was sitting at my pc earlier today
Doing nothing but typing away.
New Bulletin Was my goal
It was a Poem writting in whole.
See, I thought it was great
Almost an hour typing well worth the wait.
It was about a love lost
Or more precisely never gained
How her smile brought warmth from even the worst frost
And the fact that I can’t have her means I live in vain
But thanks to myspace
It’s gone without a trace
“Error” the screen had said
And with that, my eyes went dead
All this time, All this trouble
Oh how I wish I had saved a double
Too bad, too late
So Sad, So Irate.
Perhaps it’s for the best
Or Maybe just a test
A trial of my patience
Maybe I should take some time
Oh well fuck it
I’m tired of the rhyme.


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