Mikie Writes Poetry

blah..not intereting

Lost in a Wednesday
Not Sure if it’s much different from the next day
Don’t lie and tell me what is OK
Cause the world is about to lose this fray

That’s right, as I’ve told
It’s me against the world,
And No, I’m not bold
But in fact quite the Coward

Too afraid to step in time
Too Afraid to break this rhyme
Everything I want could be mine
But I’m too Afraid to be happy this time

No, I can’t face my real foe
So I take on the world
Facing it, Toe to Toe
Never going for the Gold


Mikie Writes Poetry


Lost In a Void
Neglected and Annoyed
By All the Pretty People
The ones who sit High in their Steeple
and Ignore the “Little Guys”
The “Mishaps” and “Unfortunates”
Us “Losers” in Their Eyes
And Indeed, We Aren’t
As you might suggest
For When it Comes to Talent
We’re, of course, the Best
Let them Point their Fingers
And Laugh till they die
Because in the short future
You see, You and I
Will all be great Men and Women, and Sigh
Because beneath all of Them
Lies A pain that will never Die

Mikie Writes Poetry


Everyday, I’m told something about the world

The way it’s supposed to be

The way we ought to see

How things go

To make sure we don’t slow

Down the process

And make sure we don’t obsess

About how we want things

About all our feelings

Why can’t we get it our way?

Why is it that we all gotta sway?

Sway like leaves in the wind

When society says we cannot win.

Winning is one of the easiest things

Things the world doesn’t teach

Teachers help us to lose

Lose like we like it

It just hurts to be a winner.

Cause “winning isn’t everything”

Which is exactly what you’re told

When things start to go your way

Just so you can be “ok”

When that day finally comes.

How dare they?


Just a little ranting and ravings from medon’t know where i was going with that, but meh. I have been meaning to put more of these things on here anyways.

Mikie Writes Poetry


Lost and confused

Dazed and abused

I look around to see the colors

And I’m blind to them

Things I saw before

Aren;’t there anymore

What has happened?

What has changed?

A sea of grey

Is all I see today

There are no colors anymore

When Everything’s the same

Nothings Fun, Everything’s Dull

It makes me want to put a bullet through my skull

You laugh because I’m different

You laugh and think that I’m laughing with you

But my reasoning Sufficient

And I pity You

I laugh cause you’re all the same

And I if I didn’t i’d go insane.

What’s wrong with you’re life?

When My triumph become your stryfe?

What’s wrong with me

When you plight is all i see

Everything’s the same

The colors are all gone

This has all become routine

And my life is but a yawn

Mikie Writes Poetry

Life’s like a Hampster Wheel

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re just living day to day?

But that even if you tried to run, for some odd reason you stay?

There’s always something, whether it’s an oddity,

A treasure, Or a calamity,

It weakens your will and forces you to give in

To let cycle begin again

Did you get the feeling that you’ve seen the same road?

Once, twice, 3,672 times before?

I know it seems like I’m ranting about bullshit

And you’re thinking that life isn’t that way

That hard, that routine, that repetitive, that bad…..

But One day, one day when you look down at your watch

and realize it’s the 15th time you’ve done that in 3 minutes….

You’ll know what I mean.

How Life seems to rip at the seams

Right when your in reach of your dreams

And you’re stuck on the wheel

Either running to get away, or chasing that eternal dream

But nothing ever moves

Cause that old road, isn’t what it seems

I mean, We walk around all our lives being told what to do, who to do it with, when, where, it get’s pretty insane, but there is no why. Have you ever asked why? I’m sure if you did, that you’ll get one of three responses: “‘Cause I said so,” (Yeah, and I’m pretty sure that’s an effective argument in any court of law) “Because it’s for your own good” (My personal favorite, I mean, excuse me, mom/dad, I think I would like to be the judge of that), or, “Mind your own business” (Holy Shit! I thought my actions were my own business, glad I know the truth now). Seriously people, Our lives are a constant run, we keep going through it, searching for the right path, the right opportunity, and the right life, but no matter how fast, or how hard we run, we never get anywhere and the world just keeps on going.