Mikie Writes Poetry

Inspired By A Girl

Yeah, I could tell you who it was, but where’s the fun in that?

The roses are dead
The Violets are fake
But The following must be read
Before it’s too late
You’ve taken my world
In the palm of your hand
And there it lies curled
Glistening And
Waiting for the ultimate decision
My world could be lifted
But that would take precision
Some might call it gifted
But being so far out
On a limb I
I wanna shout
Let my voice travel the sky
It could be so easy
To say what’s goin on
But I get queezy
At the thought of it going wrong
Is what I feel worth taking the chance?
of course I know it can only enhance
What I’ve got
and make me happier then not
But still there’s all that doubt
Yeah, that’s what this is really about
I wish there was some kinda sign
Something so I wasn’t travelling blind
But Maybe I fucked that up
When I sounded like I was willing to give her up
Really wasn’t my intention
To get that negative attention
But now I just don’t know
Well, time seem to tell all
And I’ve already paid for the show
Taking my seat just in time for last call


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